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Company Register Extract - Electronic eInformation

Berlin provides constantly available online information services (eInformation) regarding businesses registered in Berlin.
For this purpose we offer you two online versions:

1. Basic eInformation:
If you merely need general information about the basic facts of businesses in Berlin (name, address of premises, and commercial activities), you may search the eInformation database for this information free of charge. No special registration is necessary for this basic information.

2. Extended eInformation:
Recipients of information required to pay fees:

  • such as lawyers, credit agencies, insurance companies, etc., or
recipients of information that are exempted from fees:
  • such as authorities, public administration facilities, social insurance carriers, employment agencies, etc.,
who regularly require further information (such as the home address, birth name, date of birth, etc.) about tradespersons or companies in the context of their activities, must undergo the one-off registration process with the eInformation registration office Ordnungsamt Mitte.
A legitimate interest in such information is required for obtaining an extended report.

one-off or occasional extended eInformation:
If you only require an extended report about a company once or occasionally, please apply for it via the Company Register extract service - written information. (see further information)

Online processing

Service provided online


  • basic eInformation
    no prerequisites
  • regular extended eInformation
    • evidence or declaration of authorisation to obtain the data
    • one-off registration application
  • one-off or occasional extended eInformation
    No registration in eInformation possible (see further information)

Documents required

  • for basic eInformation
  • for regular extended eInformation
    one-off application for registration (see forms)
  • for one-off or occasional extended eInformation
    (see further information)


  1. for basic eInformation - free of charge
  2. for extended eInformation:
  • recipients of information that are exempted from fees - free of charge
  • recipients of information required to pay fees - online EUR 5 for each report

Average time to process request

immediately online

Responsible authority

The eInformation database is operated by the Senate Department for Economy. The trade data originate from the 12 Berlin public order offices of the districts. For (one-time) registration and setting up an access for extended eInformation, please contact the eInformation registration office Ordnungsamt Mitte

The data provided is updated on a daily basis. However, Berlin’s Public Order Offices can only provide commercial data that is reported by the companies. If individual businesses do not provide commercial notification, their details are obviously not included in the eInformation database. No information can be provided about businesses that have been de-registered for more than a year.