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directory / list of architects and urban planners - registration

The following professional titles: Architect, interior designer, garden and landscape architect and urban planner are protected in Germany. You may only use this professional title if you have been approved by your Chamber of Architects subject to

  • registration in the Directory of Architects and Urban Planners or
  • registration as a capital or private company in the Directory of Professional Associations.

For external architects and urban planners an entry in the Directory of Foreign Architects and Urban Planners is required:

You must be entered in the directory, if you:

  • are legally established in another member state of the European Union (EU) or in another state party to the agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) for the practising of a comparable activity and
  • you would like to exercise this activity temporarily and occasionally in Berlin (temporary services),

Working without professional title

You have studied architecture (building construction, interior design and landscape architecture) or urban planning at a foreign university outside the European Union (EU)?

  • Then you can apply to the Berlin job market and work as an architect (e.g. as an employee in an architectural office).
  • However, you are not allowed to use the professional title "architect" or "urban planner" and you are not entitled to submit building documents.

Professional Recognition

The professional title "Architect" is protected in Germany and requires formal permission. You can have your foreign degree assessed at the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (ZAB). Subsequently you apply for entry in the "List of Architects" at the competent Chamber of Architects and may then officially use the protected professional title.

Online processing

Service provided online


Documents required

  • Proof of residence within the state of Berlin, of professional premises or the place of service or employment
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Proof of at least two years of professional practise in the essential professional tasks of the respective area of specialisation (alternatively: qualification for higher public service in the area of construction or landscaping technology).
  • application form of the Chamber of Architects (see section forms)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Proof of relevant professional liability insurance
  • Certificate of good conduct for presentation to an authority
  • possibly further documents
    Depending on area of specialisation and legal status. Please note instructions on the application form.


Between 80 Euro and 515 Euro depending on the application variant. Further information can be found in the fee regulations of the Berlin Chamber of Architects.

Responsible authority

The Berlin Chamber of Architects is responsible for registration in the Directory of Architects / Urban Planners