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Chartered Surveyors ICC - Public appointment and swearing-in

The public appointment of Chartered Surveyors pursuant (m/f/d) is intended to provide courts of law, authorities and the general public with particularly reliable, trustworthy individuals who posses particular expertise and experience in a specific field.

Public appointment takes place solely in the public interest and not for the sake of the applicant's personal goals or ideas.
It is, in particular, not to be considered licensing for a profession but the recognition of special qualifications. It may be limited in content or subject to conditions and is usually limited to five years.

The applicant (m/f/d) must provide evidence of special expertise in one or more areas of the economy to convince the IHK Berlin during the appointment procedure.

Experts from other EU/EEA countries:

As an expert or surveyor with qualifications from other EU/EEA countries you can be legally recognized under the following conditions:

  • You are entitled to exercise expert activities in one of these States. (The expert activities must be reserved there for persons who have demonstrated special expertise in this field).
  • You have worked full-time as an expert or surveyor for two of the last ten years and can provide evidence of special expertise.

Online processing

Service provided online


  • public need
    There must be a public need for appointing Chartered Surveyors for the relevant field of economics. It is verified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, whether such a need exists.
  • particular expertise
    As part of the appointment procedure, the applicant must provide the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce with sufficient proof of their particular expertise in the respective professional area. Above average knowledge, skills and practical experience in the relevant professional area are required, according to consistent jurisdiction of the supreme court.
  • personal suitability
    It must be ensured that the applicant is personally suitable for such an appointment. This requires that an applicant does not only possess the personal qualities required to be able to perform their activities as a surveyor in an objective and impartial manner, but also that this requirement is fulfilled with regard to their entire personal and professional environment, from a public perspective.

Documents required

  • The application for a consultation for the public appointment of Chartered Surveyors (ICC)
    After receiving the request to schedule a consultation, the IHK contacts the interested party. In an initial meeting, the essential rights and duties of a publicly appointed surveyor and the further course of proceedings are discussed.
  • Tabular curriculum vitae and a photograph
    Tabular curriculum vitae (typewritten) with a detailed account of their professional development, including a detailed description of professional activities and surveying activities performed to date. This account is intended to substantiate the existence of particular expertise from the applicant’s perspective.
  • List of all surveys created over the past three years
    A list of all expert surveys prepared over the three years preceding the application (work samples)
  • list of references
    Specification of several individuals (at least five) who are able to provide information about personal suitability and / or particular expertise that needs to be verified
  • Certificates / evidence
    Certified transcripts or photocopies of all relevant certificates, diplomas or other documents (e.g. regarding professional titles), proofs of employment, etc.
    The authentication may be replaced by presentation of the originals at the same time.
  • Certificate of good conduct for presentation to an authority
    A certificate of good conduct for presentation to an authority is required to verify personal reliability. For individuals who are resident / registered in Berlin, the official certificate of good conduct can be applied for with any citizens’ office in Berlin. This can be done in person, during regular opening hours and without arranging an appointment.
    The Federal Ministry of Justice also provides an online application process. (see further information)
  • Attendance records for training events attended over the past three years
    Attendance records for the participation in training events in the applied for area of expertise, of the past three years
  • Attendance records for seminars
    Attendance records for at least three seminars about the required knowledge for creating surveys, about conduct in court, dealing with private clients and about liability and insurance issues (no expert seminars).
  • Tax-related information (Bescheinigung in Steuersachen)
    Tax clearance certificate by the relevant local tax authority
  • Information from the insolvency register
    • Two certificates are required for initiating insolvency proceedings for natural persons who are residents of Berlin. The first certificate for consumer insolvency proceedings must be applied for with the local court responsible for your place of residence, and the second one for regular insolvency proceedings is available from the District Court Charlottenburg Amtsgerichtsplatz 1, 14057 Berlin.
    • The District Court Charlottenburg, Amtsgerichtsplatz 1, 14057 Berlin is responsible for insolvency proceedings for legal entities and private trade companies based in Berlin.
    • Applicants residing / operating outside of Berlin please inform themselves about the respective responsibilities of the insolvency courts via the central place and court directory. (see more information)
  • Employer declaration (declaration of exemption)
    in the case of experts who are employed or employed or are civil servants: declaration of indemnification by the employer/principal


  • EUR 1.000,00 - EUR 3.000,00 (see legal basis - fee schedule of the ICC Berlin, Annex, F.1.1)
  • In addition, there are the costs for the examination by an expert committee.

Responsible authority

Ein Beratungsgespräch für die öffentliche Bestellung von Sachverständigen der IHK kann online über das Portal des Einheitlichen Ansprechpartners Berlin oder direkt bei der Industrie und Handelskammer zu Berlin beantragt werden. Die Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Berlin ist zuständig, wenn die Niederlassung des Sachverständigen bzw. die Sachverständigentätigkeit im Kammerbezirk Berlin liegt.

Nach erfolgter öffentlicher Bestellung und Vereidigung werden Sie in das bundesweite Sachverständigenverzeichnis eingetragen.